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30th December 2013

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My Top 5 Albums of 2013; Most Anticipated of 2014

Bring Me The Horizon : Sempiternal

I rarely can listen to an album from start to finish without losing interest but to my surprise I have listened to this record, what seems like one hundred times since it’s release. I would say that “Antivist” is my favorite track off of this record because it is just a loud, aggressive anthem about not giving a damn about anything, which who hasn’t been there!

Asking Alexandria : From Death To Destiny

I cannot count on my fingers and toes how many times I have seen these guys live this year. I was anticipating the drop of this record since the release of the first track “Run Free” back in August of 2012. This record peaked at number three on the iTunes music charts which is a pretty big deal for this genre of music. My favorite track off of this record would be “Moving On”, this track sounds like a song straight off of a Whitesnake album from back in 1987.

Killswitch Engage : Disarm The Descent

I have been a Killswitch fan since back I was a 15 year old kid going to my first Mayhem Festival. Since the return of the band’s original singer Jesse Leach and the release of this new album, I have been nothing but impressed. Disarm The Descent is the first record with Jesse in nearly 10 years, but the guys didn’t miss a beat. My favorite track off of this album is “Always” is a bit of a slower paced song compared to the rest of the record. This is a song that really showcases Leach’s vocal abilities, you may consider him just a “screamer” but on this track you hear how smooth and melodic his voice can really be. Cannot wait to see what the future has in store for these guys.

Rob Zombie : Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor

Can you ever really go wrong when it comes to Rob Zombie? The answer is no. Twenty eight years later and he is still causing Mayhem, most recently on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. This record came off very White Zombie to me, and was very enjoyable. Lyrically he keeps listeners very entertained, and sometimes wondering, “what exactly does that even mean rob?” My favorite track off of this album would be “Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Supertown”, John5’s riffs are definitely the selling point for me in this song.

Avenged Sevenfold : Hail To The King

It is no secret that I am a fan of this band and everything they have released, it is no different with the new album HTTK. This album strays from the usual sound you’re used to from these guys, going back to some very grungy heavy metal tones. My favorite track from this record would definitely be “Shepard Of Fire”, this opening track is high energy and something that I cannot for the life of me listen to under mock 25. It will be responsible for a future speeding ticket, I am sure of it.

Most Anticipated Albums of 2014 :

Of Mice And Men

Motionless In White




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10th May 2013

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HELLHOUND MUSIC interviews :

Chris Cerulli and Ricky Olson


Who are your earliest influences, bands/albums that really inspired you guys?

Chris; I would say that one of the earlier ones would be a band called Eighteen Visions, that’s where our band name came from, it’s a song by that band. Definately early on, the way that they looked, and the music that they played was huge for us. The Misfits are another really gigantic influental band, I know for me at least.

Ricky; Yeah, Eighteen Visions was definately a huge one, also Bleeding Through was a big one for our band, bands like Cradle Of Filth, HIM, stuff like that.

You guys started when you were still in high school correct? Did you ever expect to blow up and become so popular?

Chris; We didn’t really expect it, more so, just really, really wanted it. We pushed as hard as we could to get to the point where we are at, we keep climbing higher, it’s just a progressive thing. I guess you would call it a series of events thats happened for our band over the last couple years.

The new album “Infamous” dropped back in November, absolutely love it by the way, jammed it on the flight here! how would you say this album differs from the past 3.

Ricky; It’s different in every single way.

Chris; It doesn’t suck!

Ricky; We went in a completely different direction just to try and break the mold of the normal, whatever music we are categorized in. All these different influences we have in our music just kind of push the boundaries of what’s acceptable in the metal scene.

When I first heard “hatefuck” i got a very Marilyn Mansony feel, but with each track i feel like it evolved into something else, so many different sounds. Definately shows that your ecclectic music taste comes through in your music.

Chris; Yes I feel like our influences do have a direct impact on what we do as a band and some for different reasons, and some more than others. It’s just a matter of trying to explore all of the genres that we like and that we listen to. There is no reason we should not try experimenting with ourselves, there is no “rule book” on what you can, and can’t do in music, and y’know we certainly like to abuse that.

If you could put a dream tour together with you guys featured on the bill as well, who would you choose?

Ricky; We have talked about this a lot actually. I can’t remember the big one we came up with, but it was bands like 18V, Bleeding Through, It Dies Today, HIM, Cradle Of Filth, just a lot.

Chris; If it was bands that were still around today, because some of those ones aren’t unfortunately, but I would say as long as it was with Slipknot, Cradle Of Filth, or HIM that would be cool, I’d be happy with it.

Who have you shared or are you going to be sharing the stage with that you were/are just like wow this is really cool?

Chris; We played at Soundwave in Australia this past year with Slipknot, Manson, System Of A Down, just some pretty huge bands that are awesome for us.

Where do you see the band going from here?

Chris; We are going to take over the fucking world! Plain and simple.

Interviewed by Harley HHM

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9th October 2012

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Halestorm - Photo Credit Harley Hughes


Halestorm - Photo Credit Harley Hughes

9th October 2012

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Halestorm - Photo Credit Harley Hughes


Halestorm - Photo Credit Harley Hughes

20th September 2012

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A handful of shots of “Emmure” from their stop in Pittsburgh Pa while on the Trespass America tour back on August 14th!

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20th September 2012

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A few shots of “God Forbid” from their stop in Pittsburgh Pa while on the Trespass America tour back on August 14th!

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20th September 2012

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A handful of shots of Trivium from their stop in Pittsburgh PA on 8/14 while on the Trespass America tour!

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18th September 2012

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Handful of shots of “Thousand Foot Krutch” from their stop in Cleveland Ohio while on the Rockstar Uproar Festival tour on September 9th!

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18th September 2012

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A few shots of “Staind” from their September 9th show in Cleveland Ohio while on the Rockstar Uproar Festival!

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18th September 2012

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A few shots of “Godsmack” from their stop in Cleveland Ohio on the Rockstar Uproar Festival on September 9th!

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